Fall Wedding Tips

I’ve put together just a few tips for fall weddings- some could apply to other times of the year too, but with fall being one of the most popular seasons for weddings we’re going to start here!

• With the days getting shorter, its important to plan your day well for outdoor pictures and that perfect sunset image! Use www.timeanddate.com to find out the sunset time for your date. Subtract 15 minutes for the possibility of overcast skies, and that’s a good estimate for when it when it will get dark. From there, estimate that your ceremony will be roughly 30 minutes long, add a few for coordinating where to go, and BAM! The recipe to be in the right place, at the right time!

1J2B8906 copy.JPG

• Plan ahead for chilly days! There’s few things I love more than a rockin’ sunset picture and beautiful foliage, but what if its cold?! Lets take a cute wrap or shawl with us just in case, and we can either take if off for pictures or incorporate it for snuggly pictures with your love!


• If you’d like to have an evening wedding, consider a first look during the afternoon so almost all your photos are done before it gets dark. Afterwards, we can whisk you out for even more portraits of the two of you, with all the post wedding glow and none of the rush!


• In your florist consult, ask the floral artist what flowers are in season that match your style and colors! You’ll be on trend and on budget! Jewel tones and lots of pops of color look amazing against the backdrop of your white dress.


• While nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day, I say if it does EMBRACE it! If you’re game to go out in the rain for a picture, I am too! I also love to suggest having a jar with a lid to collect rainwater; you can later put it in a sealed bottle and have actual raindrops from your special day forever… because its actually said to be good luck when it rains.

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