One of the foundations to a wedding timeline is whether or not to have a first look. A lot wedding vendors will recommend you do it, but what does it really mean for you and your betrothed? First and most important, remember that this is your wedding day, no one else’s, so plan it the way you want to! We’ll go into more detail about the pros and cons in another post, but today I want to share one couple’s love with you. Get ready to cry… I did.

This is Nerida and Christopher’s amazing first look, and the moment Christopher saw his wife to be walking down the aisle towards him. If you’re thinking about whether or not to have a first look, but worried that it will spoil the moment you walk down the aisle, remember its not seeing that amazing gown on you, or the gorgeous hair and makeup that makes the moment. You are the most beautiful girl in the world to him. Its the stunning realization that every moment has led to this one. For some, its been years of loving you, and months of planning this day has all come to fruition and now you are walking to him, the most beautiful girl in the world, his best friend, about to be his wife. He knows that in a moment he will hold your hands in his, and you will become one.


The ceremony begins…

1J2B4980 copy.JPG
1J2B5006 copy.JPG
1J2B5039 copy.JPG
1J2B5038 copy.JPG
1J2B5042 copy.JPG
1J2B5047 copy.JPG

Nerida and Chris, thank you so much for letting me be there to witness and capture your beautiful love! I look forward to all the fun shoots and memories we’ll make in the future! :)


VENUE: Carahills II the Manor