Erin and Dustin are like two peas in a pod! They share a love for art and archery, and incorporated that into their wedding last August by shooting two arrows through a painting of a heart they did together. It was so perfectly perfect and so unique to them and I loved it! I was thrilled when Erin told me they were expecting a wee little fella and I was so happy when I got to take these maternity shots for them; I already know Orry is going to be just adorable! Erin is also a dancer, and not only that but my favorite kind- she's a ballerina! Doesn't every girl pretend to be one, frolicking around the living room in a home made tutu? Well Erin truly is a little girl's dream come true… we're already discussing pictures of her in a tutu with Orry watching mama dance :) One of the best little details about this shoot was Erin's necklace. Scroll to the end to see how she brought a little of her wedding day with her. :)

Memphis Maternity Session Key Elements-14.JPG
Memphis Maternity Session Key Elements-20.JPG
This is my favorite one. What a magical love!

This is my favorite one. What a magical love!

Orry is going to be so cute!