When you set out to plan your wedding, there's so many things you won't be prepared for! Just remember to take the ups with the downs, and that the most important thing is that you're marrying the man you love. Which one of these applies to you most? Do you have any to add?

1. The real struggle of wanting the snacks vs. wanting the body.

2. There are literally hundreds of shades of pink, and trying to match everything is really, really hard.

3. How hard it is to choose 125 guests from a list that started with 300 people, when you just want to invite them all!

4. Waiting for the RSVPs that NEVER come.

5. Writing checks and signing contracts like a boss. (do people even still say that?)

6. Trying to get your fiancé to help you pick out flowers for the centerpieces. Maybe he needs another job...

7. That one groomsman who hasn't gotten his tux yet, and its 3 weeks til the wedding. 

8. "Budget" becomes a four letter word.

9. Finding the wedding venue of your dreams, but its already booked, so you have to move your date.

10. Choosing just a few close friends to be your bridesmaids… I mean can't I just have 20 so I don't have to decide?

11. Writing your own vows is hard, no matter how much you love your fiancé, because its the biggest speech you'll ever give, and it has to be as good as his! 

12. Pinterest is awesome. Pinterest is the devil. No, its awesome. No, its the devil! Nope, its awesome.

13. Wanting to make everything you see on said Pinterest, and realizing you are no Martha Stewart halfway through a bag of glue sticks and bolt of burlap. 

14. Checking the weather forecast every 30 minutes the week before the wedding because the ceremony is outside. 

15. When someone says "How's wedding planning going?!" and you remember 7 more things you haven't done yet.