With engagement season in full swing, Spring on the way, and a ton of sessions coming up, I'm often asked, what should we wear? 

So I've set out to hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas with a few tips! The main thing to remember is-be yourself! Let your own natural beauty shine through in your pictures with smiles, laughter and love. The focus is on the two of you, your love and the celebration to come, so have fun and incorporate things of meaning to you both. Through what you wear, your hair and makeup, and even the location you choose to do your pictures, you can bring your own style and story to the shoot and it will show in the images you get.

Before we dive in I gotta say… don't give in to "Pinterest Pressure"! Pinterest is an awesome resource for all things wedding (I'm totally addicted myself, especially for home ideas!) and its a smorgasbord of ideas for engagement sessions. But please don't get overwhelmed! If you see shots you love, let me know and we can definitely incorporate those ideas into your session, but don't think you have to exactly copy what you see- because like I said earlier, your love and your relationship is unique- lets show that off! Our number one goal is for you to have fun, be stress free, and absolutely fall in love all over again over your engagement pictures. 


Bring 2-4 outfits. You might not wear them all, but you'll love that you have the options! I suggest at least one be casual, and one formal, to really give you some variety. Also, if its super cold, don't try to pull off that little black dress! You'll be miserable and tense and it will show in your pictures if you're freezing; dress for the season! This all goes back to being comfy, because that will let you be yourself and give you the best pictures. 


Solid colors that aren't overpowering are a sure bet, while loud colors and patterns can distract from the focus… YOU! Avoid something thats just in for now, or you'll be able to "date" your pics in a few years. To add a bit of interest you can ask your fiancé to wear a subdued pattern and you can wear a solid, or vice versa. Dark colors are slimming, and light colors tend to have the opposite effect, plus they can wash out a pale complexion! When choosing outfits, you might keep your wedding colors in mind for save the dates and invites, they can coordinate with your decor if you have framed pictures or a guestbook made from the images! You don't really want to match each other, you want to coordinate and compliment each other. Check out the color wheel below for some basic ideas on matching colors. 


The perfect scarf, necklace, hat or tie can really give a lovely finished look, plus it gives you something to touch with your hands and another way to interact! Layers give you the option to change things up between outfit changes without a lot of fuss- a win! The right shoes will go with your outfit AND be comfy to wear!


Consider having your nails done, since I'll be taking some close ups of your hand with that gorgeous ring! Getting your hair and make up done can also make you feel like a million bucks! Makeup with matte tones helps avoid shine, especially if its warm when we do the shoot. Go for a look that 


I love to incorporate your shared interests, passions and fun activities in the shoot. Pets are always allowed and encouraged to join us, and often times its a great idea to have a volunteer to take your pal back home after some face time with you and the cameras! If he plays guitar for you, bring it! If you both love baseball, lets have some fun with it. :)


What NOT to do? A short list of things to sidestep :)

  • Really Tight or Really loose clothes, and big logos/super loud patterns.

  • Too short of a skirt (I will probably ask your fiancé to pick you up, dance with you, or even dip you!)

  • Don't tan right before your shoot (or your wedding!)

  • White socks…keep it timeless!

  • Don't wear something you aren't comfortable in. Beauty is pain, but that pain doesn't translate to happy pictures ;)